Roof Mounted Solar Energy Plants

Solar power plants built on the roof are very popular due to the cost advantage, but there are significant technical differences in roof installations compared to field installations. One of the most important issues is the selection and angle of the construction system in which the solar panels will be placed.

However, there are more constraints in roof type solar power plant installations than in field installations. For example; The direction and inclination of the solar panels can be easily adjusted in the optimum way in the installation of the field type solar power plant while the azimuth in the roof type solar power plant installations and the position of the roof, the position of the roof, the position of the spaces, the static load calculations of the roof, . For this reason, each of the design criteria in roof type solar power plant installations is extremely important and must be designed professionally. Altungrup Solar Energy is one of the companies with the longest experience in turn-key roof installation in the sector. We are committed to the installation of high efficiency and durable solar power plants.

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Ground Mounted Solar Energy Plants

Field applications are currently the most commonly used solar power plant applications in Turkey. In field applications, ground and soil properties are very important in terms of design as they are studied on the soil. A well-studied ground survey and field tilt, surface area, pit, elevation, etc. It is possible to obtain the highest production efficiency for field type solar power plants for that region with a creative construction design along with a good analysis of the physical properties.

As Altun Grup Solar Enerji, we undertake the power plant installation business as "turnkey" by assuming all the processes until the establishment of the solar power plant and the acceptance of the related entities are started and the sale of electricity starts after taking the necessary approvals regarding the installation of the unlicensed solar energy production plant.